music’s importance on my soul.


I love all kinds of music. No, really. I’m not just saying that.

I can mellow out to some good Jah Cure paired with other reggae artists on my way to work and then turn right around and fall into a super chill moment with Radiohead or Deftones murmuring in my ear. I can bang my head up and down with the latest ATL or Houston underground rap music. Whenever I’m in a creative frenzy and need some mental stimulation, Tchaikovsky does the trick. Old 90’s pop and trance music encourages me to get outside and bask in the sun. However, if I’m in a deep slumber and just want to think about life in general, I’ll press play on my neo-soul playlist and close my eyes while I escape into my thoughts. Then I’ll hit up my iPod and search my favorite Beatles song “Strawberry Fields, Forever,” laying back with a melancholy grin on my face.

Bottom line, I do not discriminate against any music type. Like most human beings, it is part of my own personal culture. I was raised to have a certain awareness for music and to acknowledge it as an actual art form. I do just that. Lyrics, melodies, harmonies, instrumentation, production and beats do not belong in a one-size-fits-all kind of box in the secular world. And it doesn’t even have to been noticed as secular. I can play some old school Three Six Mafia back to back but pray to God immediately after, per my usual daily routine. Why? If you ask me, music shouldn’t have to directly correlate with who a person ‘is’ or how they define themselves.

I am Christian. I am loving. I am peaceful. I can also be a cold-hearted bitch when I want to. I won’t always listen to a smooth R&B tune while I’m in my loving mood, though. And I won’t suddenly feel the need to conjure up an anarchist riot just because The Clash is steadily shouting in the background. With that said, what I listen to and whenever I feel like listening to solely depends on how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking about, and what kind of mood I’m STRIVING to be in. Therefore, I do believe it all makes up who I am, but doesn’t necessarily define me as whole.

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