why I decided to love my flaws


By no means do I claim to be perfect. My favorite color jeans are faded and probably don’t match with any shirt I pair them with but I still rock them religiously. Sometimes, my curls don’t pop exactly the way I’d hope for, and I continue with my day like I intended to create this poof ball. Without my calendar and my daily to-do list I am no good whatsoever. I’ve stubbed my toe, hit my head, even tripped over my own two feet before when nobody was looking. I embrace all of my flaws and quirks, as we all should. Who made up what ‘perfect’ means, anyway? Indulge in my shortcomings. I do. Why? Because God came up with the idea of ME. No one else here on Earth did. That makes me perfect by default. We all are, and I think it’s important to always remember that. Instead of focusing on what makes us ‘not enough’, spotlight what makes us beyond worthy. Each day that we are alive is another day that God granted us to be made into perfect creatures for Him and for His divine purpose.

which of your flaws do YOU love? tell me in the comments below or tweet me.

2 thoughts on “why I decided to love my flaws Leave a comment

  1. I love you, girlie! I too am clumsy, need my “to do” list (which comes with a series of alarms to remind me when to look at the list), am silly as can be sometimes, talk on and on sometimes, am almost ocd about a few things…

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