inspirational lyric of the week: three seed

Song title: Three Seed | Artist: Silversun Pickups

from the album: “Carnavas”


“There’s the line that is leading,

clearly feeding,

all the things I don’t believe in

but i’ll step in once again.

Cut in line to get closer

to the source of all the things I’ll never belong to”

Silversun Pickups’ eerie, addicting calm and melancholy tune expresses one’s feelings of self-doubt, regret, intuition and low self esteem. The above lyrics pair nicely with the moody bass line and the crying guitar riffs that play throughout the song. I think the ‘cutting in line’ lyrics explains our desire to be liked by something that won’t ever like us back. Believing in yourself is the first step in knowing if you’re doing the ‘right’ thing–but then again, what are measuring the word ‘right’ up against?

What are your morals? What are you, and what do you belong to?

photo 1039RXP

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