7 quick steps to reclaiming happiness

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Whether you’re living your life with a chronic illness or not, you have encountered hardships throughout your life. And you will continue to experience trials and tribulations for the rest of your life.

The world doesn’t care how much money you have, what kind of clothes you wear, how much debt you’re in, how in love you are, or where you’re from–None of us are exempt from the human experience. We’re all entitled to go through our bouts of doubt, fear, worry, exhaustion, sadness, anger. However, there are more socially acceptable ways to deal with them than others.

Whenever I’m feeling absolutely down and feel like I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, these are what I call my 7 R’s for reclaiming happiness.


Take a breather. It’s simple. If you’re at work or surrounded by a bunch of people, escape to a restroom and close the stall. If you’re at home, turn off anything causing background noise (TV, iPod, etc.) and close your eyes. Be still. Try not to make a move for at least 30 seconds.


If you need to, rinse your face with cold water or look in the mirror and think to yourself– What am I doing? What am I trying to accomplish? What’s the bigger picture here?


Think about what you’re good at. Focus on the positive aspects of yourself that you love and everyone else around you enjoys. Look in the mirror again and see yourself smile. It’s a good look on you!


Don’t do this step too long, but just think overall of all the hardships you have overcome in your life. What’s holding you down now? You have survived every single day up until this point–you have more fight in you!


Shake off whatever is pissing you off. Hum while you walk. Put a little pep in your step. Get some sunlight. Look up at the sky and take a deep breath. Listen to your favorite happy song. Stretch your arms. Drink some water. Fix yourself a nice snack or grab some coffee.


Let the negativity of the day be just that– of the day. Understand that even though the problem may be a long term one, you can start off fresh tomorrow with how you feel about it.


Approach the situation from a different angle. Instead of being upset or sad, dig deep inside your fighting soul and know that you have a choice to not be affected by negativity of the world. Choose happiness, laughs, and smiles.


how do you chill out whenever you’re upset? I would like to know. >>> tweet me.


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