belonging far away from here.

IMG_2199Have you ever had the feeling that you just don’t belong anywhere? You’re alone in your mind, alone in the world. Every now and then you derail from those thoughts and make attempts to join a meetup group, attend a social gathering, or become part of a sports team in school. But that feeling of belonging doesn’t last like you quite thought it would. You see so many faces around you, but they’re all blurry. You hear all these different voices talking over one another, but still, all you hear is the silence in your own mind. It’s loud, too. You buy the clothes you think you’re supposed to buy to “fit in”. You do and say the things that you believe will get people to enjoy your presence more. For what, though?

Do they pay your bills? Do they make you smile everyday like, on a genuine level? Will you learn to realize that they aren’t your makers and their opinion doesn’t matter? Or will you choose to ignore that notion and continue with your everyday life suffering in your own physical body from the mental torment you give yourself. Do you like that mental pain of sleeping with emptiness? Or would you like to be fully alive, awake, and aware?

I’ll let that sink in.
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  1. Spent most of my life feeling that way. Sad thing, it was some of my family that made me feel out of place. Was told how “weird” I was on a regular basis. I’m glad I never conformed. I focus on being the best me I can be. Everything else is so irrelevant…

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