5 things EVERY spoonie wants to hear you say


“i’m here if you need me.”

In the past few years of receiving my diagnosis and making it public that I had a chronic illness, I can’t even recall the number of times I heard this phrase being tossed at me without any real genuine action. This is the type of sentence that should be used sparingly, because anyone who is going through something terrible will take these words to their heart and expect you to deliver if they call on you for support. And if you don’t deliver… they might forgive you (eventually), but they’ll definitely never forget what promises you broke while they were in need.

“you’re strong.”

Another pair of words I have heard countless times throughout my journey since becoming diagnosed with Takayasu’s Disease. And whenever someone says it, I truly believe it…because I know I’m strong, physically and mentally. But it does reassure me that I’m ‘doing a good job’ whenever I start doubting myself for a second.IMG_3611

“you wanna hear a joke?”

Ok, maybe not this exact question, but basically, we like to hear jokes. We want to laugh and be as distracted from our physical and emotional pain as possible. As long as it’s coming from the heart, laughter will always put a temporary bandage on any open wound of the soul.

“here, let me get that door for you.”

Now don’t get me wrong–ill people don’t care too much for the overly babying. We do, however, like to be nurtured–especially during those days we are not feeling well. It’s human nature to know that someone wants to help you in any way that they possibly can.

“you inspire a lot of people, including me.”

Ultimately, I didn’t choose to be a victim of my disease. My mind is set on nothing less than surviving and conquering. In the past 2 some-odd years I’ve made it my personal mission statement to display that to the best of my ability. Whenever someone tells me that I am inspiring them, it means more than they’ll ever know. It’s like I take that comment, tuck it away somewhere safe in my heart, and then I go back and look at it whenever I’m feeling down or in a lot of pain. It helps so much to have someone reaffirm what you already know about yourself.

stay tuned for my things on what NOT to say… in the meantime, follow me on Instagram- @DevriVelazquez.

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  1. Continue to allow yourself to be a living witness to the miracles of God and the possibilities are endless as to what you can accomplish!

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