today a blue jay saw me smiling.

blue jay birdExperiencing a great loss, disaster, trauma, or illness tends to allow you to see the world through a clearer pair of eyes.

The strength that is built inside you seems to ward off most negativity and your vision becomes clearer. You see a lot of bullshit and distractions but you simply choose to ignore them. You know your energy cannot be wasted, and that is a true gift of having survived adversity.

Today I was listening to the story of a boy who survived brain cancer. While he and his mom were discussing it, they said some pretty deep things. He even mentioned he wanted to die at one point. But the beautiful thing about the story, was that this kid managed to keep a smile on his face.

I walked over to my apartment window and literally as the voice of the child stopped and a tear ran down my face, a blue jay bird flew and landed right in front of my view.

I could be trippin, but I swear it made eye contact with me for a split second. Before the tear could dry and the bird’s wings started to flutter, I had to let it see me smile. I knew I wasn’t going to see that bird again, and it wouldn’t see me. But I wanted to make sure that even in my temporary moment of weakness, I made a lasting impression that… I still got this.

According to old Native American tradition, seeing a blue jay depicts vigilance and clarity. Holistic Dr. Standley says this about blue jays:

When Blue Jay Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to embrace your God-given assets. Blue Jay reminds you that when you walk into a room, you do not have to call attention to yourself because you already have the worlds attention, all you have to do is respond to it… 

Blue Jay’s message is about embracing Life to the fullest wherever you land and pursuing that which you Love at all times. Royalty always commands the best and brightens up any event, even in the the darkness.


Just. wow. God sends me signs even when I’m not looking for one. I guess I just choose to see them, now. #blessed


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