here’s what I do know.

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It is important to let some things just… Be.

I have no control everything around me.

My mind, mood, and peace all depend on me.

There is no room on my personal schedule for little worldly dilemmas.

If it happens according to my liking, that’s awesome. That means I hit the nail on the head with my intuition.

If it doesn’t turn out how I want it, that’s ok, too.

My purpose isn’t really up to me.

I can choose to swim against the current and fight everything that happens in my life…

Or I can make my own life a little easier by going with the flow and accepting my role in this world– while maximizing it.

I have complete and utter faith in my calling– whatever it is.

I know what gifts I possess, and what my strengths are…

But I’m learning something new about myself everyday.

I have no “failures” under my belt. Only lessons.

I made the choice to not quit a long time ago. And I’m all in.

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  1. You are an inspiration.. I believe that our life and death lies in the very words that proceed out of our mouths, and whether we as people like it or not our body hears every word that we speak. If we say ” I’m not going to let anything get me down today “, your body knows to sit upright and work with you. If you say ” I wish I wasn’t here right now “, it will only take a few minutes for all negatives to take over.

    Miss Devri, what you live in right now is just a case to keep your insides secure it’s not your whole entirety. I want to wish you great healing & strength, and keep smiling, girll does it look gorgeous on you. x x

    P.s. just read your Rihanna “Ghetto” article on NaturallyCurly, just realized I read more posts by you than I realized. I started writing when I was 8/9 I see you started at 5 #WritersRock

      1. You’re welcome, and because you’re so inspiring I shared ‘Learn To Be Physically Present, Emotionally Absent’ on my facebook page @ you convicted me on allowing others to drain me of my joy and I guess I allowed by myself to be emotionally present when I should have been the exact opposite.

        Thank you so much Miss Devri Velazquez, I’m learning to be a better lady everyday !

        God Bless you Miss Devri x

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