i’m convinced… X Men mutants are spoonies

With my recent daily flare ups, it’s been difficult trying to get myself to do anything that requires my adrenaline pumping, including watching an action movie in a theater. Spoonie / vasculitis people problems.


Well, the other day I mustered up enough courage to go see X-Men: Days of Future Past with my baby, and I realized how each of the X-Men mutants had genetic deformities that could very well make them a candidate for an autoimmune illness. Is my imagination spinning out of control, or nah? For real. Check out this quick outline of the characters in this recent installment, and see for yourself.

 is the main character of all of the films. He has thick, metal claws that he can get to jab out of his fists at any given moment. Given the moans and groans he makes whenever they poke out, I’m assuming it’s painful. This has lead me to believe that he knows the bitch that arthritis and joint pain is.

Professor X is the leader/main man of the X Men. Obvi, the dude is in a wheelchair. Whenever he thinks, his brain hurts. Spoonies with chronic headaches know what this feels like. Thinking sucks. And as far as walking goes, for those days when we’re having troubles because of various problems in our legs (for me, it is the claudication caused by my improper blood flow to the vessels in my legs as well as my knee joint pain), sometimes we just wanna wheel around or hop on crutches to keep at ease.http://a-lise.deviantart.com/

Magneto was one of the biggest nemesis of the professor. He has the ability to control and manipulate metal. It seems effortless, but it’s not… which leaves me no other option but to think that he must be a spoonie. All of the tiredness, agony, and day-to-day struggles we face just trying to live normal lives put a lot of wear and tear on our bodies. Yet somehow people assume it takes no effort out of us. They have no clue.

Mystique is a villain who engages herself in many controversial mutant affairs. She’s able to shape-shift and form into different bodies for temporary periods of time. Now I know she’s a spoonie who has likely been on high doses of prednisone like me, because in my 3 years of being on and off steroids I’ve gained 50 lbs, lost 60, gained 20 in 1 week, and then lost 25 the next week. Lately I never feel like my body is truly mine; it belongs to prednisone.


Sunspot creates flames. Duh, he’s having constant rashes and flare-ups from active disease. He’s like me whenever I eat something hot or my pulse gets elevated for no damn reason.

Marvel Heroes.com

Beast injects himself with some kind of homemade serum that keeps him afloat on a daily basis. I’m convinced he has an autoimmune disease that forces him to take lots of pills and potions like myself. (I just recently stopped taking Enbrel a month ago in exchange for a biweekly Actemra infusion but watching him shoot up made me remember how much I hated it).

I wish I had the powers these mutants had:

Warpath, because he can heal damaged tissue. Quicksilver, because sometimes I wish I could speed through time and get this hell all over with and get back in remission again.





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