illness won’t stop me from loving my hair

Since being back on heavy doses of medicine and a biweekly Actemra infusion (due to being out of remission with my illness), I’ve decided to stop dyeing and touching up my roots with hair color on a regular basis. I also don’t co-wash every couple of days like I used to. I just can’t.

For one, I’ve been having nonstop migraines for over a month now (if you follow my blog or Instagram, you’ll notice that around Mother’s Day I was in hospitalized for a week because of this) and since then I’ve gone through numerous tests, MRIs, MRAs, and 2 spinal taps to figure out what the cause was.

While my team of doctors and my family have yet to discover the cause of my sudden onset of debilitating, endless headaches, I know now what triggers my pain throughout the day. It’s been difficult keeping up with my natural hair, not gon’ lie. I don’t normally wish I had relaxed hair again, but boy oh boy, does it physically HURT whenever I condition, cleanse, and style my curls! And who wants to go through all of that? Still, don’t get it twisted. I love my curls.

The other day I did this for a Yuna concert and I was feeling myself., lol.


I’ve been relying on refresher sprays and heavy cream moisturizers like nobody’s business (since my scalp is too sensitive to co-wash as often these days). Here are a few of my faves:

Fuzzy Duck Refresher Spray

Jakeala Hair Spritzer

ApHogee Curlific Moisture-Rich Leave-In

Obia Natural Curl Moisture Cream

CURLS Whipped Cream

Although I’m pretty fatigued most of the time to do outrageous and tedious hairstyles to my hair, I still love my natural crown more than words can express.

Therefore, I won’t let being sick get in the way of its overall care. Sure, maintenance is a bitch right now, but it’s well worth it. I’m slowly but surely learning to work with my physical abilities and style curiosities while making sure not to overexert myself in doing so.


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  1. That’s right Queen! My job doesn’t compare to your illness but that’s how I feel about my crown with all the new changes to the regulations the Army has now put in place that greatly affects my natural hair.

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