let your creativity drive your success.

Don’t be afraid to let someone else’s dots connect with yours. After all, it makes for a different picture that you could ever imagine or envision…


When it comes to your creative spirit and imagination, do not allow anyone to contain you in a box that fits within their intellectual means.

Sure, there are other things that must be compromised in order to completely map out the perfect creative illustration–budget, time, helping hands, etc.–but nobody’s own security (or lack thereof) should affect yours.

No one feels what you feel, or sees what you see. They don’t think exactly like you do. Of course, you’ll come across people with passions similar to yours. You shouldn’t feel bound to them because of creative similarities, however. It’s more than OK to separate yourself whenever it’s coming from your heart. Two hearts can click and connect, but they should compliment the fulfillment yours already has, not fill a void in it. Or else it’s not genuine, and it’s not your true passion.

If your name is going on it, your mind should follow suit. The final destination isn’t up to you, but the footsteps to get there are at your free will. It’s important to always keep the light ahead of you in focus so that you know where you seek to be, and what you define as success.

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