envy and jealousy are jackets made by the same clothing line.

IMG_3252You are happy for them. Why aren’t they happy for you?

Envy is a real thing. We’ve all experienced it since our grade school, crayon-coloring, beads-and-pigtails-rocking days. And we still witness envy to this day, whether it be at home with family, or at your job with coworkers.

By nature, human beings are pretty damn competitive. Everything has to be a contest. You don’t simply share a story to share it–you want people to know you did something crazier, scarier, cooler than you did. Look at social media. We thrive off of getting “likes” from everyone–people we know, people we don’t. Don’t lie. You turn up whenever your pic gets a lot of likes…that means you’re not the only one that thought you were cute that day. Which makes it ok. But have you ever noticed the amount of people who “follow” you on these social networks, in comparison with the number of people who actually double-tap “like” on your photos? The ratio is low, huh.

Over your lifetime you’ll come to realize (if you haven’t already) that dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people will never like you or what you stand for. Perhaps they secretly think you are beautiful and charming and they have already compared themselves to you and automatically don’t like you for the competition you are to them. Or maybe they see you appear happy, and they notice you’re in a fulfilling relationship, make enough money to financially care for yourself with no major issues, and seem to always have a carefree smile on your face with no worries. Then they go home at night, stressing every night over where they’ll receive their next meal, how they’ll make rent by the end of the month. Will anyone in public notice that they wore the same shirt yesterday and the day before?

devrimiaYou aren’t currently experiencing those same struggles, therefore they resort to envy and jealousy. They lash out with uncalled for words and actions in hopes of bringing others to a common belief that there’s something somehow wrong with your upcomings, to take away the attention from their shortcomings. But that lashing out actually ends up turning right around and biting them in the ass, demeaning everything they stand for and stripping their soul naked of any kind of potential dignity and respect from genuine, kindhearted, sympathetic people who could have (and probably would have) gladly assisted in getting them back on their feet. But because of their pride and jealousy, they couldn’t help but get used to the feeling of the soles of their feet and start making a habit of stuffing them into their mouths for entertainment and distraction from their own sad, pathetic, pitiful downfalls.

Whenever it’s freezing outside, you put on a jacket to conceal your skin from the harsh climates which you’ll face. It is comforting to wear a coat in the cold because you can still face the weather without fear. Those who constantly spew envy, jealousy, and hatred wear 3 jackets all by the same brand…sadness. They clearly fear something that is way beyond those whom they pour the hatred onto. Without these coats, they’d feel bare, incomplete, and vulnerable to shameful and upsetting realities that which they choose to not be faced with. Because you seems to have something (or someone) they do not, it’s easy to not feel guilty about disgorging their humiliating, tragic truths.

Wait, hold up. You see me smiling and looking cute and whatnot. But don’t get it anymore twisted than you already have it. How do you know I haven’t been in your shoes? How do you know what I go through or how I feel? I have it all together, right? Wrong. I’m human just like you… I have what I would consider my own shortcomings, downfalls, all that. Just like you. The difference between me and you is this: I choose to channel my energy into something a little more effective and useful– something that will help me overcome those “shortcomings”. Get me? You clock my every move, you think yours don’t compare, you’re mad… take this note from me, if you take anything. devri bw h town

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  1. Thank you Miss Devri for this, this is my life everyday – everywhere I go. I want to get to know them but they build a wall before I can even get through a, Hi ! Mom and pops encourage me but sometimes you know, that just isn’t enough.

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