my pain is for US.


I’m avid on being an introverted extrovert. If that makes any sense.

Basically, my fall back game is too strong. Don’t get me wrong, I have a personality and opinions stronger than my Monday morning coffee. But I also don’t feel a sense of social responsibility in making sure everyone not only hears it, but agrees with me–and I don’t believe in crucifying someone who doesn’t necessarily feel what I am saying, either. That’s the issue I notice with many bloggers and vloggers. These public personalities seem to think that every single social, political, and controversial issue must include their direct involvement, their opinion, and their “stance” on the issue, whether it directly affects them or not.

Unless you are living under a rock, you are up to date on the Ferguson/Mike Brown controversy in Missouri. This, like a lot of other current events of the same nature (regarding race and discrimination) totally deserve to have a million and one spotlights on it. But as a public person with an opinion, I don’t believe it’s my job to necessarily sway a “follower” or “subscriber” in one direction or another.

It’s completely OK if we disagree with each other, I swear it is. The thing that I’m focused on (and I hope y’all are to) is what you feel is right, what you feel is wrong, and how you can PERSONALLY contribute to either cause. If you think picketing is what needs to happen to bring awareness and light to the situation, grab a cardboard sign and head on out to protest with the crowd. But if your legs don’t last very long while standing (like mine) and you opt to start an online fundraiser to raise money for the victim’s family members to give their son a proper burial in the midst of this public tragedy, do that. Either way, we’re winning. But don’t fault someone else for not choosing to flood their Twitter timeline and Instagram feed with posts regarding an issue. After a while, your information, opinions, and beliefs become diluted in what ends up appearing as a selfish cry for attention.

Bottom line, these controversial events will continue to happen, and as an integral piece of the human race it’s substantial that we come together as one for whatever it is we believe in. If you are going to show support in favor or against these, just remember it’s not about you as an individual, public figure or not. It’s about us, it’s about love, it’s about support. Let’s encourage everyone to be tasteful and appropriate in our ways of showing sympathy. Let’s be genuine in our efforts for comforting the discomforted during these tragic times.

something gotta shake.

on repeat while my heart weeps for my oppressed generation.



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  1. The wounds are just about healing from Trayvon, now they have to inflict a new wound that just might not heal. I think the cops need you to shout every body movement “I’m just putting my hands up” “I’m reaching in my pocket for my ID” “I’m going to lay on the ground” “I’m turning around, not running away”. Damn cops got problems, profiling is going out of control !

  2. I find it disgusting that the media sensationalizes these situations, without having all of the facts. All of these assumptions and speculations about whether or not this was about race when, unfortunately, there is only one person who knows whether or not it was, and that is Officer Wilson. Do I believe that racism and profiling exist in today’s society? Absolutely! That doesn’t mean that it’s always the underlying reason for these tragedies.

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