Natural Hair: Marley Twists

A few weeks ago I tried Marley Twists for the first time! I only rocked them for a week and a half because I was missing my shoulder-length curls oh so much. But, nonetheless I think I fell in love with temporarily being part of the #longhairdontcare gang.

Read my article on 5 things I learned about wearing marley twists here.

Watch my video on The Twist by NaturallyCurly channel here:

*thumbs up OR nah?

I’m trying to decide what I wanna do next. Should I go for the mid-back box braids (think Brandy from The Boy Is Mine days).

2 thoughts on “Natural Hair: Marley Twists Leave a comment

  1. As a naturally curly girl I’m delighted to have discovered this. I’m going to devour the whole blog before chucking my straighteners in the bin.

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