even though my immune system hates me…

chemo picture 2011
june 2011- diagnosis

Or maybe, it thinks I’m superwoman and I do not need it to survive. Perhaps it thinks I will be just fine on my “own” without its help in fighting off everything from simple colds and viruses to dangerous infections. Who knows? But this is what I do know.

My mindset cannot be swayed. It may blow with the wind from time to time, but overall, I am standing ten toes down with something a little past confidence. Whether or not my body physically fails me, my God does not. Therefore I cannot be sad forever. I can feel pain in my legs, arms, head, back, and chest… but my mind will always stay in tact.

You will see a smile on my face before you notice the bags under my eyes. You will hear my laugh before hear my weeps. You will understand my mental strength before you recognize my physical weakness.



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