are you hostage to your own humanity?


colorism is back in the spotlight. but did it ever really go away?

The Ebola Virus has stricken West Africa and other areas composed of predominantly darker than beige-skinned populations. The disease has been transported to the United States and is fastly sending unknowing citizens into a panic.

White on Black, race-fueled hate crimes are at an all-time high. Commercial airplanes are going “missing”, hundreds of people nowhere to be found, with no logical explanation as to how this is even possible. As a whole, our country has become one of the least health-conscious nations–thus furthering obesity, disease, and other illnesses from killing off our generation slowly and… “accidentally”, let them tell it.

sick girlSocial media is taking over with viral videos aiming to raise money for charities, awareness of questionable ingredients in our foods and beauty products, and exposing mistreatment and injustice among our minority population. Yet, how much of a ripple is all of this combined effort actually making in preventing what it’s meant to?

Is this all a huge coincidence? Should we shrug it off as recalling that famous line we’ve all heard our grandmas say before?

The end times are near.

Or has some bigger–though worldly–authority figure(s) decided to implement a plan that has long been on the drawing boards behind closed doors to a world of blind eyes, deaf ears, and ignorant minds?

a global agenda to shrink and “manage” us.

In parts of the world like China and India, “family planning” is enforced blunty and blatantly. On the contrary, the Catholic church has long opposed the use of birth contraception and abortions among their peers. Incentives are offered to lure families into staying within the government’s parameters, including education. This education, in turn, is exclusive to teach humans starting at a young age the ‘importance’ of family planning and population control.

As of late, unjust crimes by law enforcement on mainly minority, lower to middle-class people have resurfaced since they reared their head back in the 1990s during the L.A. riots. Unarmed Black teenager Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by his neighborhood’s designated crime watcher in Florida. Mike Brown was shot and killed by a Missouri police officer after being accused of stealing from a corner store; he too was unarmed.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimate that up to 23.5 million Americans have autoimmune illnesses (vasculitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.). and is one of ten leading causes of deaths in women. And this is just the number for America; in other parts of the world (namely Asia and Africa) the toll is much larger. This statistic has grown tremendously over the recent decade, and has been extremely prevalent in young women in their twenties. Why are our bodies attacking themselves, and why is there no cure?


As the questions are endless, so is my doubt with accepting the fact that this is all an accident or something somehow brought onto those affected directly by the actions of themselves. Sure, you can lead a horse to the water but cannot force it to eat. But with constant advertising brainwashing and conditioning our minds from a young age to always want to eat super processed, fatty foods with tons of toxic ingredients (i.e. GMOs), can you blame a human being for ending up obese by their mid thirties? Then once they become forty years old, can you blame them for applying for social security income and a metal walker due to the fact that their knee joints have officially given up on them? The NIH even says on their site that “minimal education is provided in learning about autoimmune disease… research projects on different autoimmune diseases is needed.”

Is it fair to believe the golden chains that are wrapped around our necks are meant to be there, and that is the end goal of a successful life? Have we been trained to spot a Middle Eastern man wearing his culturally traditional attire and immediately assume that he is dangerous and wants to wipe out the American nation? Or have we been conditioned by news propaganda, catchy headlines with redundant stories, and mass media exploits to understand what we think we understand so well?

Do we as human beings succomb to the psychological persuasion of a government force, willingly? Do we then end up turning on ourselves, pointing fingers aimlessly at the sky in confusion? Education of the science and facts supporting significant nurturing of our well being, perseverance, and survival in this world is missing. We are drenched in the belief that fear of the unknown is our ally, while ignorance and naivety are safer for us to consume in order to go on the next day without fear.

My challenge to you

Your mind is a box that stores every experience, every environment, every word along your journey called life. Know that you are not confined to that box. Step outside of it and open yourself to the idea of becoming more aware of the conditions of the world. It isn’t my place to sway you one way or another but understand this:

Your ignorance is their power. Your knowledge is their barrier.


what do you think? let me know.

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3 thoughts on “are you hostage to your own humanity? Leave a comment

  1. Wow. Miss Velazquez it is always a priviege to read your posts this one has really got me thinking and encouraged to be my own person and the drive to search for more than life can give. I’m doing my college project on Multiple Sclerosis and find autoimmune disease interesting. Although it would be easy to say why is there no cure, there are so many factors that play a role from one individual to the next but I believe in due time for those that God has created to find solutions to this group of diseases and many others, they will harken unto His voice and instructions.

    Much love thank you for adding something to my journey today ! x

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