let us hold hands. as we let go.

devri barton springs edited

my last name is failure.

my first name is not one.

you are the progress

that i lack.

breathe me in.

allow me to carry your weight.

it’s dead.

i will dispose of it properly.

i will hand you my errors

correct my bad deeds

and forgive me,

i’m human.

let us hold hands

as we let go

of all

the people,

of all

the things,

of all

the obstacles

that were

holding us


keeping us


being great,

seeing light.


maybe if we separate

and overcome

we will be greater

for us,

for earth.

all of our faults

all the mistakes

will no longer be sought

for redemption

but rather be

lessons learned.


hold my hand.

Let me go.

We are one.

Becoming two.

We can embrace it.

I am

the refusal of failure

you are

the epitome of progress.

we are

the only ones

holding us back

from being great.


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