As if you needed another reason to eat chocolate (or nah?)

Kitkat halloween

Recently Columbia University Medical Center research helped us all come to the conclusion that chocolate was not only good for our diets, but now our memories, too. Huh? I suddenly forgot what I was writing.

*reaches for Kit-Kat bar with no remorse*

Something called flavanols increase the blood flow and connectivity in our brain, thus positively influencing memory. The research was fueled by 37 individuals between the ages of 50 to 69 who were assigned to drink a high and low flavored flavanol mixes.

Those who drank the drinks higher in flavanols experienced improved brain function to the dentate gyrus, the section of our brain associated with memory.

Of course, every argument has a flip side.

The New York Times states that in order for this study to be fully effective and realistic, one would have to consume at least 300 grams of dark chocolate each day. That is an average of 7 candy bars. Yikes.

Dr. Hagen Schroeter, Director of Fundamental Health and Nutrition Research for Mars, says that most candy bars on the market don’t even contain that much actual chocolate. Say what now?

“Most chocolate uses a process called dutching and alkalization,” says Shroeter. “That’s like poison for flavanol.”

Hmmm. and. Hmmm.

I won’t be digging my greedy hands into the Halloween bowl this year. Well, I might. But I won’t be overindulging like I once did.

looks back and reminisces on easier days

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