she is.



She is.

An intricate composition 

of pain and stammered lyrics

intertwined and embedded.

There is a gaping cavity in her chest

in which only wind and air passes through

from time to time.

In between those moments she is suffocating

struggling for the next breath

in a steady search for her lifeline.

She is

the trophy that which

gets taken for granted.

Some enjoy gawking,

some let their eyes resist.

She is

a masterpiece,

the lone, abstract painting on the accent wall,

so colorful, vivid

but still, she craves that attention more often than she should.

She is


exhausted to

the core of her bone

but is unable to quit.

She chooses to focus on the flicker of light ahead in her path.

She craves to wrap her hands around it.

She hopes to keep it in her eternal possession. 

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