i’m made to forgive and be forgiven.

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It isn’t always necessary to recognize the enemy for him to want to feel a power over you. It is denying or NOT acknowledging our Father when the enemy starts executing his power. Remember, satan is the god of this world. He’s everywhere and in everything secular. He is of this world and he controls it completely. Material items, demonic thoughts, all evil and all wrongdoing. Every now and then as a Christian, we’re apt to fall off the track and forget to recognize Him as our Saviour, our Hero.

I’m not going to act like I go to church every Sunday or I can recite the Holy Bible from front to back–because I don’t, and, I can’t. But what I am saying is that I have faith, I try my absolute best and hardest to practice it daily and often throughout the day. I, like everyone else, have my moments of imperfection in which I can easily turn my back on my so-called beliefs. I might let the enemy jump on my back and I’ll be literally giving him a free piggyback ride as my happiness and joy was slowly being sucked out of me.

Why, when there is so much for someone like me to be thankful for, was it still difficult for me to take up just a few minutes out of my hour of my day to remember all that He has brought me through, and all that He will continue to give me the strength for?

By forgetting to even simply thank Him for giving us another day, we’re allowing that cracked door to swing open for satan to sway us into anything that is not of OUR God. The awesome thing about our Father is that, he understands the mistakes we make, because we were NEVER made to be perfect. He expects us to be flawed. But that’s the greatness of HIS forgiveness. As long as we show mercy and ask for it, we WILL receive. Has the enemy provoked you lately or tried to sway you into his direction with your thoughts, actions, relationships? Take the wheel back and let Jesus have it.

drop me a msg. or let me know that I’m not the only one. stay blessed.

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  1. You’re not the only one. He’s there telling you I’ve got your back and you still have doubts because you try to see things through reality and not in the dimension of faith that He has given you. Even the faith of a mustard seed is all He asks sometimes and we still find difficulties, but He still loves us.

    I’ve learned to just say “God you are beautiful” or be honest that Lord I’m short on words to say to you but please just read my insides I really do appreciate you.

  2. Hi again
    I found this article interesting. It reminded of a book I once read about a neurosurgion who had a near death experience. Before his experience, he wasn’t a particularly strong practicitioner of religion (he was Christian), but he had some belief. But after this experience, it was so profound as he ‘crossed’ to the otherside and learnt that there is God, and that he had an important message He wanted to present to humanity. This surgeon, Prof. Ebden Alexander, said in his book titled Proof of Heaven, that: planet Earth was made of good and evil, but evil was ‘just a grain of sand on a vast beach of peace’. In other words, goodness was much more substantial than we think. Given that evil is present, it is however, necessary to our lives so that we able to appreciate the incredible gift of free will. We have an opportunity to choose the kind of existence we want; whether it’s to be angry or peaceful, to ask or steal. If we recognize this, and recognize that God truly loves us then our free will would not be constantly delimited and challenged by “an environment which conspires to make us feel as if we do not have free will”. For myself, I’m not totally there yet, the doubts still lurk and I know I have to temper my impatience. But God is there, and every moment there is, He loves me irregardless of my doubts.
    I pray and meditate as much as I can. And one thing that I’ve learnt is to be grateful, everyday for something. I asked today for God, to show me that all is well and I saw your response to a blog of mine then I decided to investigate your own, and came across this. I’m grateful to see this and know that there is no reason for doubt.

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