a death trap for the non rich minority member of society.

me, 2011, with no job, no disability, sippin on starbucks. yup.
a mini rant. might get off topic. read this article for the full background of what made me spew fire of disgust this morning–they will explain the actual situation better than I can. 

At a legislative leaders meeting in Manchester recently, Senator Rand Paul (son of former rep. Ron Paul) clumped every person in America who receives a disability check as a fraud:

The thing is that all of these programs, there’s always somebody who’s deserving, everybody in this room knows somebody who’s gaming the system. I tell people that if you look like me and you hop out of your truck, you shouldn’t be getting a disability check. Over half the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts. Join the club. Who doesn’t get up a little anxious for work every day and their back hurts? Everyone over 40 has a back pain.

But Paul isn’t the only one trying to be the only one [to emasculate someone who doesn’t look or live like him]. Unfortunately he is an incredibly small atom of a space so vast, filled with so many oblivious like minded people who feel him.

Ok, now. We all know of someone…

…who is currently or might have cheated the system before–they weren’t really ‘sick’ or ‘disabled’ at all, no genuine diagnosis of a chronic ailment that which would hinder them from earning an honest living working everyday for a paycheck. However, that only accounts for 1 percent of the entire disabled, ill population. And that’s the truth. The rest of us 99 percent? Getting thrown into a category and having some ignorant groups adding strife and dejection to our already complicated physical and/or psychological circumstances, that’s just evil. And wrong. And dirty. And greedy.

I’ve mentioned it before, I’ll say it again…

Seems to me as if there is an agenda constantly being pushed out to target a specific few groups of people– and we all know what those groups have in common in comparison to the so-called ‘dominant’ group–which have always been focused on dehumanizing, oppressing, debilitating, and emasculating us into staying in their single file line of ‘obedience’. The same single file line which bounds us by chains of the sense of otherness, inhumanity, and barbarity. Sick, poor, black, gay, queer, minority, underprivileged. Whatever we are that doesn’t fit the description and agenda of the so-called ‘dominant’ group of greedy bastards trying to rule this world, any and everything done in regards to wiping us out will be tried, and tried again until they are blue in the face and have committed enough atrocious behavior till they feel their European family crests and ancestors will look on with satisfaction and pride.

Word to the [un]wise | Do your research. Understand what you are supporting in whole before you choose to take a stand in lifting said person, policy, organization, or brand up on a pedestal. Think for yourself, speak for yourself.

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