why the grammy awards are losing credibility

Kim K's IG.
Kim K’s IG.

Bottom line: It’s a popularity contest.

Music is a form of artistic expression. Should that really be judged? I read this enlightening article a few days before the awards show, which aired yesterday evening. I didn’t give it a view, so therefore I did not tune in. I did, however, read the blogs, watch Youtube clips, and speak with a handful of “musical foodies” like myself who did watch the awards show.

When you think of what the Grammys are to music, you think of what the Oscars are to movies–right? Maybe not anymore. Year after year the former has let us down with multiple loopholes. Really, it’s becoming a joke. What was once a prestigious, selective and honorable pool of singers, songwriters, producers and composers has eased its way into becoming a huge musical popularity contest.

Yes, music is art. And art cannot be judged by a mysterious group of people who ‘decide’ what song, lyrics, or production is ‘better’ than another.

But when did social media follower count, record sales, and number of Billboard hits trump true passion, authenticity, and genius? Not to say Sam Smith didn’t deserve the Best New Artist and Pop Vocal awards–there were a few gems in the gravel mound of nominees–but when you’re going up against people like Iggy Azalea and Taylor Swift who have blatantly traded in their musical validity for popular demand, it’s kind of hard not to expect someone like him to win. Someone who is wet behind the ears, ripe, ready for the sellout but not quite there because they haven’t felt the decaying effects of the industry earthquake yet.

What saved the Grammys

Beck’s win. According to Forbes’ report today, his entire album got less listens on Spotify than all of the Best Album nominees’ singles individually. So whoever in the Grammy Recording Academy meeting made that request and whoever acknowledged it and agreed… Thank you. We might still give your awards show a chance next year.

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