this is what a female in power does.

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As a young woman in the workforce, I always feel incredibly empowered whenever I see a business with a female head. I have always been particularly fond of any woman with a high power position–whether it is in business, politics, entertainment, what have you. It is both intriguing and educational to observe her outward moves and pinpoint exactly makes her different from the rest–how exactly she commands so much attention with assertion and necessarily dynamic force. Imitation isn’t always the best form of flattery, but my belief is that sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. And in this case, I’m sure to take notes till I get to the top like the role models I witness.

She walks fast.

This shows purpose in her movement: Quick strides, chin up, make eye contact with everyone she passes.

She calls any human encounter a meeting.

Even if it seems like she is having a quick “side conversation”, or just taking a quick 5 minute phone call with her realtor or pharmacist, there is always an agenda in her interactions with others.

She wears heels even on her “off” days.

Flats, what say you, peasant? She can be in the sandiest, muddiest of vacation landscapes. But nothing will stop her from wearing nothing less than business casual. Perhaps wearing higher shoes reminds everyone around her that she is both figuratively AND literally above than us.

Her email signature is either abbreviated or in all lower-case letters.

I have seen this time and time again while working for female-driven companies. EVERY single female executive does this. I am sure this is to reassure their lower counterparts how easygoing they might be contrary to their heavily demanding title.

photo tanguerico

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