Learn to be physically present, emotionally absent.

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Yup. You read that right. Believe it or not, it isn’t always necessary to react to every situation you are placed in. Not all energies are worth entertaining in this world, because not all of them are good for your own.

The biggest auras or energies we feed off of are from people. So the first thing is to realize who you keep around you. People bounce vibes–positive & negative–off each other so the way you react has a 50% chance of how they’ll react. The other half is up to them, though.

So if you’re constantly dealing with someone who is always in a bad mood, unhappy around you… ask yourself if you play a part in that. You would think someone who isn’t feeling you would simply choose to not have you as company, right? Nah, it’s not always that easy. If you work with them, or y’all are roommates, or family, it’s just not that easy.

One thing you and I both know, is that every person here on this Earth needs some love. I didn’t say they deserve it, but they definitely need it. Sending positive vibes to these people is worth a little effort on your part. That way they can reciprocate it back to you or someone else. With that being said, you’ve gotta learn to protect yourself from the lack of love they show so you can remember to not lose yourself in the process.

One thing I do whenever I encounter these types of people or situations is by emotionally removing myself. Whatever their problem is, is not my problem. They will not be a deciding factor in how my day will turn out or how I choose to look at myself and my life. Everything that has to do with me is completely up to me, period. Nobody and no circumstance will ever have a say in how I feel in general.

Listen to the words of this song by Yuna. And be inspired by what your eyes just read. Be happy. Contribute to their happiness. If they choose to stay miserable, don’t be affected. There is a bigger war you fight for yourself.

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  1. I’ve mastered that all too well that now that my daughter is born it scares me. I’ve been pulling away emotionally from people because of the continuous negativity. That I feel stuck that way

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