my scars glisten more in the moonlight.


After stumbling through the typical growth spurts that are infantry, childhood, adolescence, and young twenties, I can say that at this exact moment in time, I am pleased with my evolution.

Of course, I am nowhere near finished– and I will not be till God calls my soul home with Him.


But what I do know, is that this skin I am in on this Earth is comfortable. It is relaxed. The steaming hot water spewing from the faucet onto my tender, scarred skin no longer startles me. I am collected; my mind is at ease. I now know what tranquility means and feel no guilt when spelling it out in my daily life.


Embracing the mess the effects of the universe have thrown at me, this has been so vital. I now have an infatuation with brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies. My body and mind have their own go-to protocols for how to react to a dirty situation. And they are not with more dirt. Any smudge or smear will not go without attention.


I am divine–the thickest layer of hard-working grime that has thrived in the illumination of the moon and still glistens. My process has been uneasy, my reaction to it, jagged. Yet I have learned to smooth the rough pieces of me that should be kept, just refined.


I am…a steel spine with no bra. Raw, shared senses with other enlightened walkers and breathers. It is just absolutely amazing.



photos by Devin Mazza Photography


  1. That was a beautiful post .. and my favorite part, ” I am divine–the thickest layer of hard-working grime that has thrived in the illumination of the moon “

  2. Saw your modeling work in IG and decided to see what the fight was all about and I salute you. My wife found out she had stage 3 breast cancer in 2013 when she had just turned 28. She had to get her right breast removed and went through a year of chemo. Today we just finished her 2nd reconstruction surgery. And we are joyful. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope to work with you on a project one day.

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