3 ways to wear a headwrap on curls

650x400 devri twisted crown


I love me a head wrap.

Some days, I just don’t feel like ‘doing’ my hair. Or I don’t have time to wash, moisturize, refresh, all that good stuff. So instead of walking around with my dry, knotty hair all out, I’ll tie a headwrap around it. Still cute, but also low maintenance and fast.

Here’s how I created the wrap style you see above. And 2 other styles from my fellow NaturallyCurly colleagues.


  1. i get chills ❤ You're amazing ❤ I'm studying esoteric alchemy and I want to take it seriously as a recreational hobby. I've always been sensitive to energy, transmutation (death is important in life and used a lot; more than we think) and circles. I could just picture use talking non stop lol or having moments of verbal enlightening verbiage. amazing and beautiful ❤

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