dear mirror.

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Dear Mirror,

I am writing this with you in mind.

You will not dwell on a single mistake you made. You will mourn briefly, but never long enough to lose pace. Then you will pick yourself up and continue in the race.

Sure, you have your wrongdoings. Life punishes us enough as it is. Why waste your precious time and energy ridiculing yourself for faults that were only natural stepping stones in your personal growth journey? Don’t linger on the past–it has gone away forever. Take each lesson you have learned and proceed to the next step with caution, but faith. It is crucial to remember to forgive–starting with you.

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Never question your dreams.

Do not ignore what your spirit tells you. Even if you haven’t discovered it yet, you have a glorious testimony to share with the world. Each passion, goal, and aspiration will lead you to your true purpose. Never quiet the dreams your heart plays to your psyche. No matter how far out of reach they may seem, they were made for you to attain in this lifetime.


Keep your power.

Never settle for anything less than what you truly deserve. You are not disposable; therefore do not allow anyone to treat you as such. Always strive for the absolute best in quality in relationships, work, and life. You cannot invest in cashmere and expect it to last long and remain beautiful if you continue to treat it like cotton.

Remember, the journey makes the destination worthwhile. God will take you where you need to go, and help you arrive where you need to settle down for sleep. Though it may not be easy all the time, you will always show gratitude for every challenge in the circumstances you face.

May you continue to flourish in life. May you give others the opportunity to witness the greatness of God through you.

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  1. Miss Devri,

    Why did you make me cry? Seriously though, I really needed this post .. because I keep on telling myself I won’t be hard on myself following a recent event. But in my subconscious I am doing exactly that.

    Thank you.

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