how to keep progressing as a pretty sick chick

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The spoonie life can be daunting, burdensome, and exhausting to say the least. Having multiple debilitating symptoms slow you down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can really discourage one from moving in a forward direction each day. I always made it a point to not be that person. Despite having such an impairing illness (that also happens to be invisible from the entire world around me), I’ve managed to live a positive, eventful life (mostly) free of the burdens that come with having a chronic illness.

Understand that not every battle is yours.

One way to save your energy for things and people that are actually meaningful is by knowing what to react to and what to turn your pretty cheek away from. For someone like me who considers herself extremely headstrong in my daily defenses as a young woman of color, I find this challenging. But over the years I have realized the greater reward in preserving my energy to thrive in something that will do my heart good. Pardoning yourself from a petty, useless situation will make the load you carry each day by default so much lighter.

Balance the work and play in your schedule.

I have so many goals that I have set a personal timeline to accomplish in the next few years. In my mind, my ‘big break’ has no wiggle room. Therefore, I know that it is important to not get buried in mundane daily tasks that being a responsible adult requires of me (paying bills, running errands). I keep my calendar filled with an equal amount of to-dos and stepping stones toward manifesting my destiny. This is also a good way of avoiding mind clutter and brain fog that pretty sick chicks often deal with on those overwhelming days. That way, I always feel like the day was productive in every aspect.

Treat yourself.

In my direct world, I am number one. Because of this, I refuse to shortchange myself and to always protect the house that guards my heart and soul. If anyone wants to invade my space, they ought to provide a benefit that will in turn bring me more peace and fewer distractions. Once you become in tune with what (and who) you truly want in life, you too will no longer have room in your life for situations that just don’t benefit your dreams in the long run. Live in the present moment, but keep in mind what path you are on, would like to be on, and what can be modified or excluded in order to potentially expedite the process of self fulfillment. This will guarantee a natural bliss in your everyday life that others will take notice of and not be able to easily ignore.






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  1. I have a song for you just something to make you move and maybe make you smile .. here’s to a great week ahead and thank you for carrying us on your journey.

    Much love Pebble$ x

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