4 things i’m telling myself right NOW

photo of me thanks to Monique Rodriguez. follow me @devrivelazquez

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    1. Don’t get lost in the sauce. You are more than enough on your own. You take care of yourself financially. Settling is for those who put a roof on their potential. Everyone knows you’d rather drive with the top down.

    2. Keep exploring. Your spirit is hungry to get to know the world. You cannot limit yourself in your surroundings, experiences, and interaction with other humans. It will grow you to heights you can’t even imagine right now.

    3. Manifest your reality. It’s important to speak your truth into existence. No one else will do it for you. You want it to happen? You need to make it happen.

  1. Check yourself. Remind yourself that your mind must stay open in order to know what needs to change about–you. Don’t close yourself off to spiritual, psychological, and mental growth.

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