what a day this year has been.

are you supporting my fight?

2015 was truly a year to remember. In my 26 years being on this Earth, I’ve never had a sum of experiences as decorated as this one. True highs and lows allowed me to balance my mind, body, and soul to position myself for future greatness I feel that I’m guaranteed to have sooner than later.

My faith pushed me to complete some things on my own personal bucket list that I was for sure would never happen. I traveled alone to 3 countries with no financial support. It was exhilarating; I was in complete control. I enjoy travelling domestically a few times a year. But this was the first time I was able to go out of the country on my own dime and own time and it was so freeing.

I was able to have in depth conversations and form meaningful bonds with artists I truly admire. I was able to connect with some beautiful spirits, learn from each other, and exchange creative advances to one another in each experience. They were some of the most random encounters ever, but nonetheless some that I’ll keep close to my heart forever.

Growth was the key–progression toward my ultimate goals and dreams.

Admittedly, in previous years I often rolled the dice without totally thinking over every possibility in outcome. While some might call me a ‘free spirit’ or ‘adventurer’ for that very reason, I sometimes wound up in some kind of physical, mental, or spiritual anguish that only left me tattered, torn, and forced to pick up the pieces in the end. 2015 was still very much a learning curve of obstacles, but I gave myself the chance to fall back and think more things through before going forward with certain actions.

While my health has still been a constant uphill battle of regaining control, God has taught me patience and reminded to me to trust His direction. Mind over matter. I’m only human, and I forget that I’m meant to experience this for some reason that might be unknown, but that’s not up to me to question. I have to continue to keep my eye on the bigger picture and He’ll take care of the rest.

Cheers to 2015, and here’s to an even magical 2016.



devri red braids monique 3 650x400




IMG_0326 IMG_0357 IMG_0361


IMG_0517 IMG_0597



IMG_0503 devri asap 650x400 devri robin devri p ortiz 1IMG_0623IMG_0964 monique red marley twists 3 650x400_JPP7839-Edit_jamespenniephotography

IMG_2457 IMG_2757


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IMG_0866 IMG_0887 IMG_0902 IMG_0973

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  1. Great inner reflection of self for the year. Your strength and positivity and forever forward moving vibe are refreshing and inspiring. And what a great collection of photographic memories! 😊 Always wishing you the best of everything…

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