making time for art, letting go of technicalities.

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austin kleon step 6

Today was my first Saturday in a really long time that I spent mostly in my own head–I listened closely to my thoughts and intuitions instead of watering them down and distracting them with meaningless activities throughout the day. Don’t get me wrong–I still did meaningless things and spent money I shouldn’t have. Oh, and I drank 3 different cups of coffee at 3 different coffee shops. Meaningless at its finest. I also wasn’t alone all day–not physically, at least. But I made sure to take a big chunk of time today to self reflect and observe.

Like I said, this was my first time in a long time actually doing so. But for a Saturday, I can definitely say today was impactful on my mental. I was finally able to finalize some crucial ideas and come to conclusions that needed to be made sooner or later.

I also got a little dose of inspiration via a book called Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. It was dope. The first page I opened up basically dug into my brain’s thoughts from earlier.

It read: “Do good work and share with people.”

This struck me because admittedly, I had been feeling less compelled to share my creativity with the world. As you can tell, I haven’t been posting in a while, so my personal blog was a direct reflection of this. Although I create every single day (after all, it is part of my day job), there has been a lacking in my desire to share with anyone outside of my actual work environment. There has been a sort of dissension in my ability to spread the art I’ve been capturing through words. With my mind being so occupied with the technicalities of life, I have been slowly pushing away the opportunity to pollinate the world with my findings; instead, they have been stored away into a disposable bin of my brain–once the bin got full, the ideas got tossed out forever.

Today in my random adventure at the bookstore and my stumbling upon this Kleon book, I have realized just how potentially dangerous it can be to neglect my sense of creativity, my personal freedom in expressing myself. I know now to refocus and allow my spirit, soul, and body to regroup. We need to collect, share, and spread the artistry of self to the world.

I promise to do better. Not for you, but for myself, also. There is always so much to say, and even more to write…

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