My First NYFW Experience

It’s a true blessing being part of an industry that allows me the opportunity to shake hands and share a good time with people whom I have a career admiration for. During New York Fashion Week, I got yet another taste of that goodness. I met some awesome personalities, from bloggers & YouTubers that I follow in real life, to celebrity hairstylists with impressive, lengthy resumes. Being in the presence of so many hyper career driven people left me overwhelmed with motivation. Even though NYFW came and went in 2016, it’s a moment I’ll cherish for a long time–at least, until my next visit hopefully next year.

As you may or may not know, I am a content editor & writer for, which falls under the TextureMedia umbrella. This year, we put on our 2nd Texture On The Runway show, a special runway event in which some major hair brands were showcased. It was the only New York Fashion Week show completely dedicated to hair rather than fashion. Backstage during prepping, I had the chance to speak with Johnny Wright, First Lady Michelle Obama’s hairstylist! The team and I also visited the office of Huffington Post and met beauty editor, Dana Oliver. Awe struck isn’t the word. And the event was a success. Something to be proud of and thankful for in a career of hair and beauty, for sure.

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IMG_7476 IMG_7504 IMG_7507 IMG_7508


For other pics, click on the hashtag #TextureOnTheRunway. Follow me on Instagram @DevriVelazquez

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