my future. it’s lit.

are you supporting my fight?

photo jay 1

I’ll never apologize for being a free spirit. It’s given me experiences and gotten me places no sheltered, psychologically limited person would be able to comprehend. Since I can remember, I’ve always had problems succumbing to someone else’s standards of what is ‘appropriate’ or ‘acceptable’.

My own mother–whom I love probably the most in this world–mentions from time to time how I ended up being nothing like the woman she’d imagine I would be. Then she always concludes with an affirmation of “I’m so proud of the woman you’ve grown into.” And I get another push to conquer the world, despite any haters or roadblocks. Not that I ever feel the need to impress anyone but God and myself, but that’s validity that I’m going in the right direction.

photo jay 2

I firmly believe I am stepping more into my purpose with each day. Enduring the daily feats of dealing with a chronic disease diagnosis, I know what I am capable of. There will be even more amazing things to happen in my future–things even my overthinking mind can’t grasp at this moment.

It’s a sense of euphoria, to be as exact as I can be.

And although I cannot quite put my finger on what it is… I can feel the sensation through my whole body. My spirit presses up and blends with it. My mind and eyes are focused on only this one thing. My future. It’s lit. My only job, according to conversations with God, is to remain illuminated–for the sake of my utility of this earth here and my beautiful peers who continue to support.

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  1. Thank you Miss Devri,
    For continuing to love the amazing woman that you are. You posts are uplifting the reality is met with a grace covering us through every step.

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