Then the page, it turns

are you supporting my fight?


She wishes to thrive.

Her memories are bullets, packed,

ready to execute the innermost workings of her heart.

She isn’t fooled. She is aware.

In between her silly days of making a belonging for herself,

siding with the devil and constantly pleading for help from the Greater

her attentions are blankly awoken,

over and over and over.

Her mind draws blanks as her tireless hands continue

to push away the dirt and grime of all she has ever known.


Her soul is sleepy.

She’s had this conversation before,

it never seemed to go anywhere.

When will the dead end destinations burn and be gone, forever?

She possesses a compass, but never understood how to use it.

So she tucks it away out of her sight

until Desperation’s echo starts drawing closer to her

in the wilderness of her thoughts.


She knows how to silence her screams,

her eyes have become numb.

They don’t really feel what they see.

Blissful ignorance has let her sit comfortably in her own mental prison.

Her sentence never contains ellipses, only periods and exclamation points.

Then, the page turns.

A new day emerges.

She rises up.

Sleepy soul in pocket. Compass, too.

On to the next dead end conversation.

She isn’t fooled. She is aware.


photos of me by James Pennie Photography. follow me on Instagram @DevriVelazquez.


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