The natural hair community helped me love myself more

are you supporting my fight?

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Why would I ever want to conceal this beautiful flower from the world? My natural hair is proof of the ability to withstand many trials and testaments given to me as lessons to both myself and those around me. These lessons are yet to be fully determined, but I’ve concluded that some of them are centered around these concepts: a recognition of strength, an acceptance of self, a movement towards growth.untitled (6 of 15)

Nature has given me a delicate flower to adorn my body forever. It loves me unconditionally, allowing me to change the color, length, volume, and texture of my flower without forcing me to sacrifice its original characteristics.

800x devri monique mysterous npn 1 1000 devri monique mysterous npn 6 1000x devri monique mysterous npn 5

Even if, beyond the surface, we have completely different views and values, I can still open my eyes a little wider and acknowledge the perspective of those walking the same Earth and breathing the same air as myself.

1000x devri monique mysterous npn 8

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lovely dress by Mysterious By NPN, photographed by Monique Rodriguez

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