I am a prize and I will be treated as such.

devri marley twists 3 650x500I’m a woman, of course I want to be romanced sometimes. Only problem is, I’m actually not romantic at all.

I prefer more deliberate ways of showing love, and would like the exact same in return. Spare me the “wooing” bullshit. I’m just being honest.

Stay consistent in the ways you choose to show you care about me. And when I say consistent I don’t mean I expect you to go half with me on that same recurring bill, every single month. But if you know that one of my struggles as a single, sick, but independent woman have been meeting my financial (or other) obligations, then consistently check in with me beyond the surface level of just showing up. The agreement should be to make each other’s lives easier. You should be my vacation from the day to day issues I face in my job, health, etc…not another headache.

Inquire about my well-being through your actions. Walk the walk.

650x500 devri red marley twists

Ask me questions with an intent of solving the problem. “Did you eat a good meal today? When’s the last time you had a good massage?” If it makes sense for us to make the next planning a solid dinner date, etc., let’s. What good does meaningless filler conversation do either one of us? We’ll never get this day back, let’s spend each moment wisely.

Silence is also good as well, if that is what is needed. Feel me out, I’ll do the same for you. I want to be your biggest cheerleader and be here for anything you possibly need. No strings attached. Give me that, too. No complications. It should be a mutual and genuine connection that both parties want to expand upon. If not, let’s move around. We’re not all meant to be friends in this lifetime, and that’s ok.

650x500 devri red marley twists 2

What do you call it–hanging out? Seeing each other? Dating? Don’t call me babe, either. Not if you don’t know me that well. I’m Devri, and remember that before you entered my world, I was getting by taking care of myself perfectly fine. You should come into my space with a goal of enhancing my value of life, not crowding it or dimming my glow. And if all is well, I promise you’ll get that and so much more in return.

I am a prize–I’m lit, if you will. And I will be treated as such. 650x500 devri red marley twists

In the meantime, I’ll stay being selective in who (or what) I choose to entertain my free time with. Do we benefit each other’s life purpose? Do we motivate each other? Are we growing with each day? Can we be ourselves, free of vain judgement from each other? I am a prize–I’m lit, if you will. And I will be treated as such.



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