The veneration of self.

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It’s perfect to publicly think highly of yourself so long as it doesn’t appear elitist. It took a lot of work to get here, and you ought to be proud to show it off.



Everybody has a list of things they wouldn’t mind altering about themselves, both inside and out. That’s human, and it’s ok to feel that way. However, a ‘flaw’ really depends on a couple significant factors: 1)someone’s perspective on what is perfect, and your own willingness to fully embrace whatever you’ve claimed a flaw to be, on you or someone else.


In other words, having ‘flaws’ are a made up thing. It’s impossible to set a single standard on what literally billions of eyes and minds see in their own light.


You must live what you believe you deserve for others to follow suit. How you want other humans in this world to treat you is determined by two things: 1)how they view themselves, and 2)how comfortably you have become in your own skin.

Oftentimes a person’s insecurity about their own imperfections will cast a shadow over you.


In this case, it has close to no value on how well you display your self-worth and value. It may move the needle, but someone who has refused to begin the inner workings of accepting his or her true self cannot currently see or appreciate the beauty of your sacredness. You are where they might hope to be, therefore they’ll likely keep you around (if you let them). But know that this will only, over time, lessen the value you have worked so hard to make yourself.


Have an air about you and don’t apologize.

It’s important to showcase the world what you believe your worth is–through various actions and behaviors in your day to day life.

Don’t get this mistaken for being so self-involved that you forget everyone on this earth is your equal. This is no excuse for treating someone less than you. It’s simply a reminder and tool of reinforcing the veneration of self.

The principles of love you live and breathe are neither silent nor passive.

That goes for not only the world around you, but starts with your feelings toward yourself. Although you should remain humble, it’s perfect to publicly think highly of yourself so long as it doesn’t appear elitist. And never, ever take credit for making it to this important center of self value. Without your faith in God, nature, and the universe, you wouldn’t have ever acknowledged what it means to love yourself in all its true, total capacity.


these pics are from my recent trip to the beautiful Asheville, NC. follow me on Instagram @DevriVelazquez for more pics.

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