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Manifesting off the strength of faith

The key is understand that you will never really have control of any aspect that makes your life what it is. This is where the power of FAITH and MANIFESTATION shine their light.


If you work off having more detail and control of a situation in order to execute it effectively, you’ll likely be waiting around till the world ends before you make a move on your ideals. This is the time to rely on your gut feeling–intuition.

Your inner voice is an ableist. Take advantage of this, but don’t let it deter you from believing you aren’t good enough to accomplish whatever it is you’ve set out for yourself.

If you dreamt the vision, you’re able to map out a plan; from that point, you test the capacity at which you can give said vision.


Set goals for yourself that are realistic and fit what your actual abilities are, in that exact moment that you think of them. That means they’re liable to change whenever.

You’re allowed to manifest the direction you want to go in.

Don’t forget that, ever. There will be plenty of road bumps that encourage you to veer off and lose control of your spiritual vehicle. Unless it’s a mechanical problem (physical limitations), do your best to stay focused on the road ahead.


The key is understand that you will never really have control of any aspect that makes your life what it is. This is where the power of MANIFESTATION and FAITH shine their light.

You don’t have the answers to the world, and that’s the beauty of it all.

Think of God as the bumpers in the bowling lane, if you will. The energy of guidance will always surround you, as long as you acknowledge and appreciate it. You must feed into that positive energy constantly and it will never let you down. Succeeding in the end goal will be determined by how heavily you relied on the bumpers.

The bumpers are not a crutch, but rather a form of assistance that as a complimentary gift to push you in the right direction. You weren’t owed them in any way, shape or form–you were granted this gift, so you may choose to take full advantage of it or deny it.

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