Reflecting on election day.



Today is a day of prayer, self-reflection, meditation or a combination of the three. As a citizen of the United States of America, I’ve always been made aware of my place in this nation. However, it had never become as blaringly obvious as it did at around 2am when I rolled over to check my phone and learned the winner of the 2016 presidential election. It has been an ‘off’ day, to say the least. From the scattered tension headaches and fatigue to the sun-less and gloomy weather outside, this day is unfolding as a sort of evil synthesis against humanity, peace and love. I can literally feel it in the air. What to do? What to say?

The burden is too heavy to bear.

I am aware because my mind, body, and soul are fully immersed in a creek of murky waters and I feel like they are drowning agonizingly slow. The truth is, I cannot conceal such an ugly truth.

But, know this: you are a beauty, a gem in this world. I ask you to celebrate your otherness in the most fearless light possible.

Numbers have strength, so let us unify by supporting one another and continuing to build and expand within our own communities and families. Shop local, and shop small. Research a brand before you choose to give your hardworking money away to it–you never know what hidden initiatives you might actually be financially backing. Visit or contact an older, highly-respected family member and allow them to be your teacher, even if for 30 minutes.

Become a student of your surroundings. Acknowledge the otherness in yourself and those around you. Embrace it.

Drink lots of water and treat yourself by practicing routine self-care: yoga, meditation, prayer, a balanced diet. Allow warm, knowledgeable and wise spirits into your circle for a good laugh. Have an alcohol-free happy hour–instead, do something you love or have thought about doing that doesn’t involved chemically altering your brain function.

Today is not a day to mourn, but to grow. Donald Trump is not my president; he does not represent a single drop of my life path’s intentions. Therefore, my mind and heart will not clutter with negative, harmful feelings as a result of such a hateful, greedy, evil man.

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  1. Ditto on all the above Devri. I was crying last night and woke up crying this morning. I spent the day in a daze of fear and sadness but united we must be indeed. Shop local and research is a must. Meditation and self care must be a priority and reaching out to our elders for strength, knowledge and support must be our focus. Thank you for a great share xo.

    1. Those first couple of days were definitely a blur and unreal. For me, it was almost as if I was numb to it. But now more than ever, I feel an incredible sense to do more things for myself and my own family. He is not my president and I won’t let him or his administration make me feel defeated in my own success.

  2. I believe our strength in numbers is tragically the most under-used advantage we have. You are spot on about starting with our own local commuties first, i beleive thats another meaning to MJ’s Man in the Mirror.
    Shopping local and small is something I want to do more of, and eventually exclusively. Thank you for reminding me. Strength in numbers especially applies to “our” financial influence. “Our” meaning minority, millennial, female, etc. Like you mentioned those hidden initiatives we are unknowingly supporting, would be no more if we stopped funding. I think a successful financial boycott could be a true game changer in our situation…..
    Your suggestions for Self Care are 100% on point. For anybody who has practiced any of these, know and have felt the benefits of doing so. Again, with the Man in the Mirror.
    I could not agree more, that this is a prime opportunity for all of us to grow! ❤

    1. Agreed, we can do more with the strength in our numbers. We’ve always been taught to fight against each other and view each other as enemies. That’s why black on black crime is at an all-time high. Reality shows thrive on black women acting ‘ratchet’ and fighting over the possession of a man. It’s quite sad but once we wake up to our limitless potential, anything and everything will be possible.

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