Conqueror: protect your temple, unapologetically

Survivor, conqueror: do not accept mediocrity.

Your flesh has been through enough pain. Your spirit has encountered enough tests. And yet, your soul is glowing, girl.


You have worked so hard to survive and then, thrive. Why are you making a conscious decision to dim your own light by making room to a person who has so clearly given up on their own? What purpose does their presence serve your spirit? The only thing God told you to do on this Earth was to entrust the use of your passions, diligent work ethic, and kindness to unveil all that is good and well in order to maintain the highest level of frequency as worldly possible.

With this gift, protecting your temple is a necessity, not an option.

Understandably so, not everyone will see your vision for the future. It is not your job to convince them that they have the potential to attain a higher knowledge of self in the process as well. That is a responsibility that falls upon that person–their willingness to allow God into their heart so that they might one day become closer to their own path to greatness. If they have no knowledge or experience of what can come from a struggle, you cannot expect them to have the same fire for victory as you.

Rid them of your sacred space if their consistently incompetent, disconnected, and dishonest behavior reveals that they have yet to find a comfortable place for allowing God’s plan for their lives into their own.

Time and time again your higher power has presented to you the amazing gift of retaining immaculate poise while effortlessly reclaiming your presence from relationships and situations intended by the devil to make you question what you already know about yourself.

Lest they forget that you had openly declared your craving for singularity in the first place.

You can lose your light at any moment but right now, you still have the glow and the power. At this point, no more energy is needed on your part. Per usual, bow out with grace.

All you can do now is pray it away, meditate it out, and return to vibrating on your level of frequency.

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