Release yourself from spiritual imprisonment…and heal

Your past holds a lot of affliction and baggage, but it also contains many meaningful lessons as well. We are all byproducts of pain, but we have the free will to create something either beautiful or equally as horrifying as the pain itself. The other side of you craves a shift, and it is up to your inner glow to figure it out before your time here on Earth is up.


The shift starts with changing the way you approach (and handle) present and future encounters that have the power to harm or damage your current mindstate. Each time, ask yourself this:

  • How did I feel before this encounter?
  • How do I want to continue feeling when this encounter ends?
  • How do I keep my poise and sanity in the process?
  • Should my current expression of ________ (anger, resentment, hesitation, etc.) actually be directed towards this person or situation, or is it because something/someone else from the past?
  • How can I acknowledge, respond to, then change the current flaws in my current approach to these type of situations/personalities?

It is time to let go of your past and all of the baggage which may have festered from it. You have to consciously decide to release and renew–heal, emotionally and then in all facets that follow. Think of the sum of your past heartache as an uncomfortable leash securely fastened around your neck. Now when you approach a situation with hostility and resistance today and in the future, recognize that, in those moments, you may have volunteered to restrict yourself with the leash.

Is that what you want for yourself? Is that what you deserve?

Harboring a negative attitude due to your past experience in life, love, work, and relationships is choosing to live through the narrow lens of a metal cage that confines your spirit in one place. You were meant for movement, potential. You do not have to settle or accept spiritual imprisonment.

You owe yourself the utmost freedom, and you ought to allow yourself a fair chance to feel it totally.


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