this new year, realize your own power


ain’t no apologizing

for all of the things

you want…

Remain open. You have been presented with various sources of inspiration and God is watching what you do with them.

Understand what your own power feels like in the palm of your hands. Feel it, hold it. Never leave its view.

Drown out all that is not intended to serve you. You represent your higher power, and you have been gifted the opportunity to put Them on display through your actions.
img_5330Remember, by entertaining foolish behavior you are giving consent to have your own seriousness revoked. The queen who turns her neck to watch the jester perform makes her just as much, if not more, of a fool. You cannot afford to take chances when you have a lot to lose.

The beauty of being an individual is knowing that you are responsible for one person in this entire universe. You must consciously choose to only entertain those whose presence awaken your own.

Which of your powers are you honing in on in the year 2017?

let me know on Instagram @DevriVelazquez


3 thoughts on “this new year, realize your own power Leave a comment

  1. this gives me something to think about career-wise, as I’ve been feeling the need to get my shht together, more specifically at work. thanks.

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