how to let the mercury retrograde funk be in your favor

Is it just me or did most of April feel more unusual and generally bizarre in nature? Like, that ‘I must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed today… and yesterday… and the day before that’ type of feeling?

Well, I am here to let you know two things: you are not alone, and this is no coincidence.

Without getting too new-age on those of you still begging to understand other-worldly relations as they pertain to our spirituality and innerworkings, Mercury Retrograde 2017 first made an appearance that lasted until January 8th. And then, came long stretch beginning April 9th — it ends in 2 days on the 3rd.

Today is the 1st of the month — queue Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony — which means that the last bit of our retrograde reside is being rinsed off and wiped away until the next one comes and tests us in August.

“What does this even mean?” you ask.

Astrostyle explains Mercury Retrograde as such:

Three or four times a year, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. As it rounds the bend, Mercury slows down and appears to stop (station) and spin backward (retrograde). Of course, it really ISN’T moving backward, but much like two trains or cars passing each other, this creates the optical illusion that one (Mercury, in this case) is going backward.

According to many sources, we should NOT do the following things in the middle of Mercury Retrograde:

  • enter a new personal relationship
  • schedule an important but non-emergency doctor’s appointment
  • do extensive travel
  • get anything repaired (on possessions of any kind, from our cars to our bodies)
  • enter into binding agreements (large purchases, marriage, etc.)
  • start a new job or career
  • start a new passion project

Moonlinks says that all of us are “being forced to loosen our grip on one or more situations in order to prepare for what is coming.” Instead of starting something new, for the sake of putting your best foot forward and giving a great first impression, “the first half of Mercury Retrograde is the time for the greatest reflection and introspection.”

Mercury Retrograde is the time, if anything, to sit down and focus, organize, re-organize, assess, get together, and plan without taking a specific action until it passes. It is best to complete unfinished projects or items on your to-do list without expending energy to create a new one.

Now factor having a chronic illness and pain, rigorously unsteady career demands, rushing into a new relationship or sharing new financial obligations with someone, traveling frequently, and having no exact signs of slowing down in any area of life whatsoever — now you’ve got a mouthful of the bitter, unpleasant effects of Mercury Retrograde. If you have been dealing with the effects of this time period, I encourage you to look into it. And although it is undoubtedly a challenging process to appear unphased by the whole thing — trust me, I was inspired to write about this for a reason — do not be discouraged. Instead, look up how to be empowered by the retrograde.

How to channel Mercury Retrograde to be in your favor

The good news is that this is an opportunity to take advantage of self-reflection of the progress within the current projects you have been focused on since the year started. AstroStyle says to think of Mercury Retrograde 2017 as a “quarterly review, a chance to tie up those loose ends and create a clear vision for the future.”

Have you been feeling the bizarre effects of Mercury Retrograde 2017?

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  1. You are very intelligent young lady 🙂 mind body and soul💛 Mercury Retrograde very Interesting i’m going to read into it a little bit more 👌🏾Have a blessed evening Miss Devri Velazquez 🙏🏾

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