Fighting injustice with my voice and my heart.

I am still struggling to find the words, but I have to speak.

In times like these it is more important than ever to be vocal against injustice, especially people with any kind of platform. If my words could even begin to touch the mightiest of ignorance in a person with no care in the world of undoing the strings of their mindless behavior, I can log off and lay my head down on my pillow comfortably tonight.

Considering the current climate of politics and mass media influence, silencing the already invisible seems excruciatingly intentional these days.

With irony in the amount of cameras, the accessibility to online tools that garner the ‘likes’ and support of literally millions within a matter of minutes, it is both warming to see people come together to oppose inhumanity and injustice but at the same time, disheartening to be reminded that those things still take up so much space in this world.

In times like these, I count my blessings and I pray for those who might never have what I do. That doesn’t include solely material possessions or tangible items but instead, a quality of living that has unfortunately come with their ‘otherness’ that did not come by choice and cannot always be ‘concealed’ — race, ethnicity, sexual identity, choice of faith, etc. I pray for peace within myself and for the beautiful, colorful communities I derive from and belong to:

black, brown, woman, queer, disabled, working class… 

We need to take the time to acknowledge those who may never have the platform or the voice you do solely based on an unfair popularity algorithm. We must take the energy to remain active and vocal in our own communities — at work with colleagues, at happy hour with friends,at yoga with neighbors, at gatherings with family members, at dates with significant others. We cannot and should not overlook an opportunity to live more empathetically, on the most human level possible.

I have no desire to get revenge; I just need the equality and respect I deserve.

How does one begin to change the heart of another who has forgotten that they have one in the first place?

While I have so many ‘solutions’ on ways to enter — and maintain — the mind of a dark, cold and bitter person, mine are not always happy thoughts, either. If I am being honest here, as the daughter of a black woman and a brown man, and having my own list of feats against the U.S. constitution and government, a lot of times I feel like anger and discomfort to others are the only way to get the ‘majority’ to feel my pain, to understand my seriousness in craving justice for every human being in this world. Historically, revolutions were not made possible and effective without first casting acts of violence onto the initial attackers. But what good has always come from that? Personally, I do not aim to stoop as low as them. I have no desire to get revenge; I just need equality and respect I deserve. I want to help encourage others to give me that by leading them to partake in — and continue living — a life of anti-racism, anti-ego, anti-prejudice, pro-peace, pro-respect, pro-love.

How are you leading a life of anti-racism, anti-sexism, homophobia, etc. in your communities?

Share with me: I’d love to hear uplifting stories and feedback.

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