I turned 28 today. This is what I know.

Believe it or not, I just remembered my 28th birthday was coming up maybe 2 weeks ago.

I swear, it crept up so fast and life has been hectic lately, so I almost missed it. Last year for my 27th, I opted to throw a low-key dinner date with about 12 of my closest Austin friends. The year before, I did a more lavish dinner followed by the nightclub. This year I’m going to dinner again, but it’s going to be extra special because it’ll be the first (of hopefully many) in my new hometown of New York City. I have absolutely been enthralled by the city every single day, although I will admit, I’ve been tired as hell, too. I cannot complain though, because being busy and in demand in my professional life is exactly what I have been asking God for.

I just know that everything is falling into place, and moving here was an essential key to maintaining longevity across the spectrum.

I want to have a beautiful family of colorful children of mine who will not want for anything. I am excited for that day that the universe will allow me to teach them, to guide them to discover their own purpose. I’m ready for the day that I will be running my own business, truly, on my boss shit. I pray that my unique and rare health concerns stay in their lane so much so that I will continue to mesmerize everyone around me with the radical act of survival. My life is a miracle already. I started opening eyes and answering my calling years ago, my dear… I have always strived to only share my testimony in order to encourage and inspire those who have the opportunity to witness God’s work through mine. At 28 earth years, here is what I know.

Take care of your body, inside and out.

Honor your self-care through healthy routines — I drink a specific amount of water each day and give myself a sweet treat or two as a reward. Anyone who knows me also understands my borderline OCD obsession with hygiene and sanitation, which can probably be credited to my father, saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness!” to a young Devri growing up.

Be vocal, and live your truth.

Don’t fake the funk. The real ones know what you’re all about, whether you’re speaking up or not. If I care enough to call someone out on their fraudulent behavior, I will. I just think life here on Earth is way too short to be living around the parameters that someone else built for you. Say how you really feel, dress how you want to. It’s so freeing once you let go, I swear. I totally got rid of my inhibitions and insecurities maybe 10 years ago and y’all haven’t been able to keep me boxed in ever since.

Work hard, every day.

I know for a fact that I am not entitled to any of this. Jim Carrey recently said in an interview, “life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you.” I don’t let day go by without pushing myself to set intention on achieving a goal or steps toward my ultimate purpose in this lifetime. I don’t hang with people who don’t do the same, either. After all, you are the company you keep.

I’m in partnership with Healthline for a campaign with U.S. Pain Foundation called #MakeItVisible, which aims to bring light to the stories of so many people in this country dealing with chronic and invisible illnesses, like myself.

Please take the time to read my 2-part series (in the links below), and if you feel so inclined to find out how you can help the cause yourself, click the banner below for information!


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