My 23andMe Test Results

Spoiler alert: I am not of Asian descent.

I was ecstatic when 23andMe sent me their health + ancestry kit months ago, although I didn’t decide until recently to actually go through with the entire process that goes with it. I’m sure you have heard of — or tested with — the 23andMe kit by now to understand what it is. If not, let’s briefly discuss.

After registering your saliva into their database and sending it off in their designated tube, the facility is able to determine:

  • Ancestry Composition
  • Maternal Haplogroup
  • Paternal Haplogroup
  • Neanderthal Ancestry
  • your DNA Family

The health kit also gives you access to information about your predisposition to:

  • Genetic Health Risks

  • Wellness

  • Traits

  • Carrier Status

Being the conspiracy theorist I am, I admit that I was a bit hesitant to send my package off, so I held onto it for a couple of months. I meditated long and hard before ultimately deciding that I needed to know exactly who my ancestors are.

One of the most appealing reasons for me accepting my DNA and health ancestry was due to the Takayasu’s Vasculitis diagnosis that I received almost 8 years ago. In all of my research I discovered the rare disease is predominately found in women of Japanese descent. In my youth I was always lovingly teased for having tiny eyes; when I was diagnosed, some of my loved ones and I joked that it may be true after all: I was, in fact, a Japanese orphan dropped off on my parents’ doorstep in South Texas by some mysterious stork. However, I was surprised to learn that there was actually a small percentage of Asian descent found in my history.

My ancestry results

Would you be shocked to know that I am 43.7 percent European and 38 percent Sub-Saharan African? Maybe that’s not a huge shocker — after all, you know that my father identifies as biracial (Mexican-American and Italian-American) while my mother is African-American.


My last name is Velázquez, which comes from my father, who took his mother’s maiden name. His father identified as a first-generation Italian. Most of Dad’s maternal relatives are in Texas, a good chunk of them most likely being from his maternal (Mexican) side. 11.6 percent of my ancestry is East Asian and Native American, which is likely the composition of Velázquez, too.

My dad’s dad had a super Italian last name and a thick accent to match, so it makes sense to see that the majority of my European ancestry is Southern European.

While digging deeper into this report I realized that most likely, one of my maternal grandparents is 100 percent West African. We never had a chance to meet Mom’s biological father due to his death when she was a little girl. I share a close relationship with my her mother, my Nana, and her mother, Madea, who is a light-skinned black woman with Eurocentric features. Therefore, a simple process of elimination tells me that my mother’s father was 100 percent West African.

My traits report

As far as my trait report goes, it is safe to say that my baby will have ravishing baby hair. Yes, 23andMe told me so. Also, they will probably have wet ear wax and freckles and and . These are also cute random details from the report that I can confirm would be true if my child is just like their mommy.


My health report

The only red flag that showed up was an “increased risk” to having celiac disease, and that makes sense because of my body’s lifelong intolerance to certain foods. Nothing major regarding the Takayasu’s Disease was revealed in this report.


Are you surprised?

Have you used 23andme before or know your ancestry? Let me know!

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