The 3 biggest lessons I’m taking to year 29

I’m turning 29 years old next week on October 16th.

This is, perhaps, the most exciting season of my life to date. But not for the obvious reason one might expect.


I mean, I’ve already been in an awesome mood since the leaves started falling and the breeze became brisk; nature always has a way of reminding me when “the big day” is around the corner.

However, this year, like every other, has a unique meaning that is dear to my soul.

Fall 2018 marks the 1-year anniversary of me making the crucial decision to pursue my passion projects on a more serious level — to tackle them head-first with full intention to grow my income, expand my personal brand, and expose my art to a greater mass of people than ever before.

This meant I had to learn (and re-learn) how to practice three key things: discipline, humility, and resilience.


Now, if you know me on a personal level or we’ve had intimate conversations with one another before, you have probably already gathered that these three characteristics are pretty much alive and well in my bloodstream — laziness and the will to fail or give up aren’t things I allow to hold space in my being. Still, this year has tested me like none other that came before it.

2018, age 28, taught me that it was OK to relinquish the power I only thought I had over certain things.

And life happened in the most bizarre way.

I moved to New York City and essentially started over, getting rid of the comfort of every possession I had up until that point and letting it go for the sake of a new beginning that was hype-focused on my professional growth. In the midst of the momentous move, I was hospitalized unexpectedly due to a blood clot and other complications due to my chronic illness. And then, to really shake things up, I got laid off from my career of over 6 years. Believe it or not, the sum of these chaotic life events turned out to be one of the biggest blessings in disguise because it tested my willpower and perseverance through obstacles I hadn’t prepared or planned for.

Despite the challenges that I was faced with, there was also a handful of things that changed me for the better.

I got to visit breathtaking places, experience life-changing adventures, meet awe-inspiring people, form some long-term business partnerships, and create meaningful art.


I circled back to love and started feeling like me again. Suddenly, having the need for total control and power ripped away from my grasp gave me all of the tools necessary for confronting my swelled ego. The humility I traded in years ago for self-righteousness slowly but surely came back as I took a deep dive into the mind of Devri.

I explored other pathways for spiritual and mental care by returning to church, reading more consistently, listening more, accept more nurturing roles not centered around myself, allowing myself to be uncomfortable in certain environments, ask the probing questions, and attempting to approach my loving relationships with more softness and vulnerability, among other changes.

Professionally, I became laser-focused on my intentions to thrive and my will to succeed. Through it all, I gained a more immense amount of resilience. I learned to take my time and energy more seriously, treating myself like an actual business. I shifted my perspective a bit, pivoting my position enough to see the world in a whole different light — to actually see and appreciate the light.

It’s been the most beautiful layer to my self-evolution.

And the greatest part of it all? The best is yet to come.

Thank you for all of your support. Follow me @devrivelazquez + let me know how this year has changed you!

Photo courtesy of @photo.jay

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