The 1 tool that just saved my hair’s life before my birthday cut!

A lot is changing.

My birthday is tomorrow and if you know me, you know that I’m embracing this new phase of my life with open arms — starting with my hair!

That being said, I am continuing the tradition of getting my birthday haircut and this year, I wanted to go with something that felt lower maintenance and lighter to reflect one of the main intentions I have set out for my personal journey in year 29.

Thanks to my trusty Q-Redew, I only had to spend about thirty minutes doctoring my naturally dense, porous, curly-coily hair back to health after neglecting it for what was probably weeks, ready to receive a transformative cut for the upcoming season of my life.

Not only does it act as a deep conditioning agent, the Q-Redew also allows me to softly detangle and stretch my hair, getting it ready for anything from a haircut to a protective style. After literally weeks I was able to run my fingers through my hair and it’s been amazing experience. All it takes is some water — let the tool rev up for a few minutes and boom, it was ready to transform my curls from unmanageable and overwhelming to glossy and defined. The best part is that it’s pretty low-maintenance and doesn’t damage natural hair, so it’s safe enough for daily use, as well!


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How should I cut my hair next?

Send me your suggestions below or on Instagram @devrivelazquez – I’ll be posting my haircut reveal soon, so check my IG story in the days to come!

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